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19 November – World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse

(In synergy with the Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – 20 November)

In its 7th year, the World Day has become an annual event commemorated by hundreds of local, national and international actors around the world. We thank all the organizations that marked the Day last year (more than 620 in 115 countries) and that sent us reports and applications for the WWSF Prize for prevention of Child Abuse (formerly called the Betty Makoni Prize).
2006 Call for registration
WWSF invites your organization to join the 2006 international coalition marking the World Day by returning the form duly filled in by 15 June 2006 (www.woman.ch/children/1-register.asp). Your organization’s name will be printed on the WWSF annual global poster and published on Internet. Members will then receive our 2006 campaign materials. We hope to count you among the members and celebrate with you the power of NGO partnership

Geneva events

In Geneva, the World Day was commemorated in 2005 at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights by a Conference-Debate “Progress in preventing child abuse – annual review IV”, and for the second year, by a Prize ceremony awarding innovative prevention activities. The event was not only an occasion for Sue Meier, Executive Director of the Laureate organization winning the first Prize to present the activities of her NGO, the International Child Abuse Network – Yes ICAN (USA), but also for experts in Switzerland and Europe to present different prevention programs in the field of public education, campaigns, theatre, counseling groups, etc. The Geneva event report is available on Internet. www.woman.ch/children/1-coalitionimpact.asp#geneva

Opening speeches

Award Ceremony

WWSF Prize for Prevention of Child Abuse

(Inspired by Betty Makoni, founder of the Zimbabwe Girl Child Network)

The award, formerly called “Betty Makoni Prize”, has been renamed and is now called WWSF Prize for Prevention of Child Abuse.

WWSF is happy to present the four laureate organizations receiving the award for their innovative prevention activities in 2005 :
First Laureate (US$ 3000): International Child Abuse Network – Yes ICAN, USA
Second Laureate (US$ 1000): Asociación Afecto contra el maltrato infantil, Colombia
Two additional awards (US$ 500 each): Muhammadan Women Welfare Society, Pakistan & Youth Net and Counselling YONECO, Malawi.

To read about their work, visit





Muhammadan Women
Welfare Society

Yellow ribbon campaign “YES to prevention of child abuse!”

Launch and information stand – 18 & 19 November
WWSF launched in Geneva the yellow ribbon campaign on the occasion of the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse Conference-Debate 2005.
A WWSF stand gave an opportunity to inform pedestrians of the existence of the World Day, raise awareness, and share the stickers. The initiative was well received.

Swiss “Household” prevention campaign – March 2006
WWSF launched a “household” campaign in the six French-speaking cantons, inviting citizens to say “YES to prevention of child abuse!” by ordering and sending postcards with detachable stickers to their family, friends and colleagues. Yellow stickers can be placed on doors, computers, or any other visible site.

How to order stickers and postcards
Stickers are available in English, French, Spanish and German.
(25 CHF / 17€ / US$20 for 30 copies)
Postcards are available in French only.
(25 CHF - 10 cards / 50 CHF - 30 cards / 70 CHF - 50 cards)
For your order, please send an e-mail to info@wwsf.ch


14-16 August 2006, Sydney, Australia
“2006 ACWA Conference incorporating the 7th International Looking After Children Conference”
ACWA Conference Secretariat
info@acwa06.com / www.acwa06.com

3-6 September 2006, York, UK
XVIth ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect –
“Children in a Changing World: Getting It Right”

British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect - BASPCAN

23-26 October 2006, The Hague / Amsterdam / The Netherlands
3rd Annual World Conference on Children without Parental Care
“Symposium for Enforcing the Human Rights of Orphaned and Abandoned Children" & "Applying ACTION to our PROMISES"
International Advocates for Children IAC